Become A FRONTrunner

So you want to be a FRONTrunner?

At FRONTrunner we are in the business of creating great recruiters. Whether you are in sales, administration, the service industry, or you work within one of the sectors we recruit for we have the skills and training to get you up and running as quickly as possible so you can be successful as quickly as possible.

If you are great at what you do but want a sales environment where you get rewarded for going above and beyond what we expect from you then we can train you to be a FRONTrunner.

Even if you are a successful recruitment consultant at the moment, we have the commission scheme and promotion track to make sure that in your first 6 months of being a FRONTrunner you have unlocked even more of your hidden success.

Have you got these attributes:-

  • A thirst to make really great money
  • Natural confidence
  • Level 10 Resilience
  • A hunger to be the best at whatever you do
  • A strong competitive streak

So what will I be doing as a FRONTrunner, well…

  • Researching and calling reputable companies and identifying a recruitment need
  • Writing compelling adverts as well as networking to indentify strong candidates
  • Arranging and managing the interview / recruitment process
  • Negotiating fees and closing deals – this means success,  bonuses, and money for you

If you have a question...

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